Winter Elopement | A private and beautiful wedding in Red Rocks, Colorado

Colorado Destination Elopement (AKA: Getting Married, Just the Two Of You!)

I’m so excited to share these gorgeous photos from Teresita and Mike celebrating getting married! New to Colorado, they were trusting me with find a beautiful backdrop that would feel romantic and unique. Red Rocks Park was the perfect spot!

What I love most about this wedding, besides this amazing couple, is how stunning Red Rocks was for us on this freezing cold New Year! Who else is in love with tying the knot over New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to really start the year off with a new change (and the perfect way to never forget an anniversary!). Plus you have a built in reason to stay up late together dancing the night away. I love it! 

One thing you never know about with weddings in Colorado is how the weather is going to cooperate. This is great for late-fall and winter weddings because sometimes you’ll get snow, often you’ll get sun, and sometimes you get the best of both worlds. When we pulled into Red Rocks it was 15 degrees outside and it felt colder than that. I swear I had 2 shirts, a vest, and 2 puffy jackets on to try to keep warm; I’m still in awe of how happy and smily Teresita was in her AMAZING (but not so warm) wedding dress!

Despite the cold weather, we found ourselves in the most perfect winter wonderland. You’ll see in these photos, the way the snow is slowly falling and swirling around us. Something I’ve only experienced a handful of times in my life, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing in it before now. It adds this incredible magic to each photograph, and absolutely captures the enchanment of this day for these newlyweds.

That’s another thing I love about this wedding, and why I’m so excited to share it with you, is the amazing happiness that is exuding from these two. From their close up smiles, to the way they made one another laugh, the way he leads her, and the way she always finds him. They’re so beautiful together!

When I’m working with my clients, it’s most important to me that we focus on how they’re feeling while we’re shooting. I want my couples to have fun while in front of the camera, to never wonder what they should be doing with their hands or their feet, but to feel totally relaxed and supported so they can be captured as real and beautifully as they truly are.

It’s also important to me that when looking back through their photos that they have a wide variety to choose from. I love extreme close ups, and far away landscape views; photos that are candid as well great ones looking into the camera. I love to mix up the backdrops so there’s this wide range to choose from later, and you have so much beauty to appreciate from the whole day!

If you’re thinking you’d love to have your own unique wedding day captured, I hope you’ll reach out to me to discuss how we can capture the day of your dreams.

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