Holy smokes you guys it’s February 2020. It’s been over a year and a half since I last published a blog post, and man do I feel a bit embarrassed about that.  In the past two years we’ve been working on some big things over here at Felicia Marti Photography. The first is that we have expanded from having just me being the lead photographer, to actually bringing on an incredible team who also photograph weddings for me.

Hallelujah! The thing I love most about this is it allows us to be available for more couples, and also appeal to a greater market of people because our photographers do have different strengths. The other reason I like it is because my body is much happier! Carrying around heavy photography equipment for 5-7 hours at a time, while throwing in wedding squats (what I call squatting down to get the right shot), getting into interesting positions, and running around to fix dresses and ties and things- it’s A LOT on the body. And when I was getting to the point to have more than one in a weekend, and doing back to back weddings- my body was starting to struggle. And when the body is tired, the mind gets tired – and we need sharp minds to be great wedding photographers.

As of right now we have 8 photographers who work on our team. All of them are professional photographers, and all of our leads are professionals specifically in wedding photography. They’re experienced, and they are well trained in the FMP style which you know is all about keeping things fun, the posing natural, and catching all those important and flattering details.

The 2nd big thing we’ve been working on is offering a wide range of wedding videography services! This was a dream that absolutely was divine, because it was never anything in a hundred years I would have thought we would have offered. But Dave, my boyfriend, had been on multiple shoots with me carrying my bags around, and we started talking about what it could look like if he started doing wedding videos.

So we did a few complimentary wedding videos for our closest friends getting married in 2018 and the rest is history! It’s been absolutely incredible to watch him learn his craft and create the most amazing films for the clients we’ve worked with. Right now he’s working on one from this beautiful church wedding in Golden and I am jumping out of my seat with excitement to be able to share it with the world once he’s finished.

All of these changes have been part of my bigger dream with the business which is to get it to a place where we can help more couples, be of service, make it easier to have a great wedding photography/videography experience, and also- to be able to build a community around the incredible stuff we’re doing. Somewhere in my dream I also picture myself being able to have a little bit more time for myself.

It’s been my experience that growing a successful small business is constant effort. There’s really not a day when I’m not putting myself into my work. I love what I do! But I’ve also lost myself in my job, and so I’ve begun the work of pulling back this exterior that all I am is a wedding photographer. I want to be so much more than just that, and thus the new effort to find space and value in not just being the owner of a wedding photography business.

So! There’s an update! I’ve also updated all our wedding galleries on the site with new photos, including our wedding portfolio! I’ve got some ideas for great new blogs that I hope to continue to reveal soon, and if there’s any topics you’d love to hear my thoughts on business or wedding wise- please let me know!

In the meantime! Here’s a peek at our wedding portfolio and some of the gorgeous weddings we captured in late 2018 and 2019.