Ever since Dave started doing videography for our weddings it has changed the way I see the value in videography. For me it happened after our very first wedding. I absolutely loved all the photos we had captured that day, but when it came time for him to edit the video and I was able to see in 2 seconds all the micro expressions that flooded her face as she saw her *almost* husband from down the aisle- it just hit me, how I’ll never be able to capture that in a single photo. That’s something only video can do. 

Videography is an incredible way to get a whole different kind of perspective from your wedding. Photos are amazing and necessary of course- you’ll share them with family and friends, print them out, put them on your phone, etc. But a wedding video is something you can look at each month as you hit your anniversary, it’s something you can watch when you miss each other, miss your best friends, and want to quickly remember how special that day was for you. 

We know that many of our couples are working on tight budgets and we deeply respect that. So we don’t want to pressure you at all, but we do want to give a bit of an incentive if you’ve been on the fence as your wedding day quickly approaches. This offer applies ONLY for the month of February so if you’re interested, schedule a call to chat or email us to start the booking process. 

How it Works

1. Use our calendar to set up a call with Dave or Felicia

2. If you decide to book, you’ll receive an invoice for half the amount now, and the 2nd half will be due 3 weeks before the wedding. 

3. Begin thinking about what moments you’d love to have on video- especially things like sharing letters with each other before hand. 

4. We’ll videography your day! As with all cameras, audio will be recorded, but it can’t be used in your video unless you upgrade to the professional audio recording option because they is how we ensure high quality audio instead of possible interference. 

5. After the wedding give us a couple months to work our magic and create an unforgettable highlight video of your wedding day! 

If you’re wanting something more specific like to add the ceremony and toasts, we can certainly create a custom package for you!