True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. – Audrey Hepburn

I was beyond thrilled when Kate asked me if we could do a boudoir shoot to surprise her groom with the night before their wedding. As most of you know doing a boudoir shoot has been on my 25 goals for 2015, but to be able to photograph such a good friend, and to have them be an amazing wedding gift made it even more important and inspirational. It also made it easy that Kate is just a classic beauty. Personally I think she looks a lot like Marilyn Monroe! But regardless, it was so easy to photograph her and I’m so excited to share some of these images.

My favorite photoshoots are the ones where you can get really creative. Sometimes having never done something before, or teaming up together on something for the first time- it is actually the perfect scenario for something really magical to happen.

I learned A LOT from photographing this session and I have a few thoughts I want to share if these photos inspire you to go out there and bare yourself and your beauty. The beauty of yourself comes from your soul and when you are able to just be free and comfortable, you can see yourself in an entirely new light, and see all your own beauty reflected right back to you. You can see it with Kate as she is absolutely radiant in these photos. You can see her elegance, her sparks of playfulness, and her quiet yet bold, confident spirit.

Outdoor Boudoir-002 Outdoor Boudoir-003 Outdoor Boudoir-004 Outdoor Boudoir-005Things to Consider when planning your Outdoor Boudoir Session

1) Choose something that will help you feel connected to yourself. For this session we ventured out to a hike near Eldorado Springs, Colorado where she and her husband have hiked many times before. I think it was comforting for her to be in a place where she knew he would love, recognize, and that they have shared together.

Outdoor Boudoir-006 Outdoor Boudoir-007 Outdoor Boudoir-008



2) Don’t be afraid of being seen. Colorado is an amazing area with tons of very quiet trails and hikes. We didn’t expect for anyone else to be out there during our outdoor boudoir session, but inevitably a few strangers past along the trail. We had plenty of time before they noticed us to grab some of the fabric we were using, or even hide in the nature. Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend a public park where families are walking around and playing, but I do think in certain counties and areas it’s okay! Be fearless.

Outdoor Boudoir-009 Outdoor Boudoir-010 Outdoor Boudoir-011

3) Bring a variety of clothing, and props, and be up for anything. We didn’t have a plan of action, we just had a bag full of things and were able to play with different colors and textures as we went along the path. We were able to tailor the look to the area we were in, and I think changing it up kept it refreshing. Ultimately we got so many looks in just one session.

Outdoor Boudoir-012 Outdoor Boudoir-013 Outdoor Boudoir-014 Outdoor Boudoir-015

4) Go for it! If you’ve thought about wanting to do some kind of boudoir session- treat yourself to it! Maybe you have a partner you want to share the photos with, or do it for. But mostly, do it for yourself! Kate said, “It was so amazing to see the pictures!” That’s the reaction you will have when you see yourself in these photos. You might even be surprised. But mostly, you’ll be validated. Find a reason to celebrate yourself and have it captured.

Outdoor Boudoir-016 Outdoor Boudoir-017 Outdoor Boudoir-018 Outdoor Boudoir-019 Outdoor Boudoir-020 Outdoor Boudoir-021

A huge thank you to Kate for allowing me to share these photos so that I can share it with others out there. We hope that maybe it inspires someone out there.