Family Portrait: A photo you love of your family right now!

There’s something really special about sitting around with a loved one, be it your mom or your spouse, and having photos in your hands of memories past. I am a HUGE picture person (go figure). One of my favorite memories as a girl is flipping through the family albums from when I was little. Now that I’m all grown up and get the amazing opportunity to take photos for people, I take extra time to make sure I capture those candid moments during each family session.

To me each family is in a different and perfect phase in their life. It doesn’t matter if your family is you and your pup, or if it’s all your grown up kids. Family is who you spend your holiday’s with, and your favorite mornings beside! It matters that your little ones are continuing to evolve and grow, and these moments deserve to be captured. Get that beautiful- right now- photo so you can celebrate where your family is at in this moment.

Family photo sessions are a fun hour (ish) where you can spend close to your family members, and leave with smiles on your faces. Carefully crafted portraits, along side a bunch of candid moments, and special family subgroups are what you should end up with after your session. When you see that photo, it creates a memory and image in your mind. It allows you to see yourself and your family at it’s best, and creates warmth and happiness in your heart! This is a gift you give yourself that  truly lasts for all the years that follow.

Denver Family Portraits-36

Denver Family Portraits-45

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Of course the holiday’s are approaching and it’s difficult to find time to squeeze in that session. But my challenge for you, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve had your photo taken is- to do it. Take advantage of a mini-session, or if you’re really inspired go in for the full thing- but take advantage of this timeless investment. Grab your parent, fiancee, or spouse, throw the dogs in the car if you got them, bring that toddler even though they’re trying- because I promise you- you will WANT these photos in 1, 5, 10 years from now. You’ll definitely want them when you blink your eyes and 20 years later you’re sitting here reminiscing this moments from long ago.