I have been photographing this little girl since she was 11 months old! She was one of my first baby sessions! Actually, I can’t resist sharing one of the photos from that first session.



It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to photograph just her, since she has 2 beautiful little sisters now. However, in honor of her 8th birthday I wanted to do something special, and just take her out and capture her in all her 8-year-old joy!

May was an incredibly rainy month here in Colorado! All the photographers I know were commiserating together with how hard it was to get out for our scheduled sessions. When we were finally able to go out I was just crossing my fingers the skies wouldn’t break open and poor on us!

It was absolutely amazing though, the skies we had, the weather, the scenery… all of it was just absolutely perfect for her!

These are some of my favorite photos of the year. I love them because to me there’s a true sense of authenticity, joy, freedom, and the true nature of Alexia was captured.

I hope you love the amazing photos, and maybe they will inspire you to capture those little free moments in your life and of those who you love!


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