2018 is another big year for Felicia Marti Photography. This year, I’ll be expanding my team of photographers! I’ll be bringing on 3-5 new team members who will serve as second photographers and lead photographers in the 2018 season.

Honestly, it’s taken me awhile to come around to the idea of adding new people to my dynamic, as I had gotten very used to being a one woman show. However, as my business has grown this year the needs of business are shifting. I’ve had a lot more demand, and I have hated having to turn couples away because I couldn’t be in two places at once, or the intensity just wouldn’t be right for only me.

By working with other knowledgable photographers, I can say finally say yes to more weddings and more couples! This is going to be a huge benefit to my couples, as I will be able to bring on the second photographer who’s personality will best fits their style and needs. For example: for some couple’s who are love the artsy/candid styles, I can bring those best suited for creative out of the box photos. Same thing for couples who want to ensure the goofy, fun, light hearted atmosphere, I can bring along the shooter who will best exudes that and capture those candid moments.

Having a bigger team also means more protection and coverage for each of my couples. Luckily, I’ve never been in a position where illness or injury has prevented everything going according to plan, but we all know that life happens, and more preparation is better!

And finally, I’m really excited because it feels like the right step forward to be able to offer other photographers the opportunity to step away from the pressures of their own businesses to focus solely on what they love by taking beautiful photos and working with wonderful people. Believe it or not, some amazing photographers in Denver are more available to second shoot for others than to facilitate the entire wedding process! I was surprised when I realized, this and also feel extremely blest to be able to connect and hire these talented photographers!

It’s really interesting to be a photography business owner. It may seem from the outside that we’re all just taking photos, having fun editing them, and that’s the whole gig. But it’s much more than that. When I started Felicia Marti Photography years ago, I struggled while learning how to bridge the gap with being a hobbyist photographer who brings in extra income by taking photos, with being the professional who runs a real business. This expansion is the next step in the growth of my business.

I pride Felicia Marti Photography in solving the pain points for my clients, by supporting them through the wedding planning process, and creating an effortless timeline and experience on their wedding day. I love offering an end product that includes unforgettable images that they will love and cherish for the rest of their lives. My goal is to ensure that all my couples have a world full of options that support their experience: before, during, and after their wedding.

What comes along with this? The details that should go unseen: organization, timeliness, and great communication; precautions like backup equipment, and being skilled in all kinds of weather, and creating alternative in-the-moment plans if things get off course. It includes protecting clients images from the moment they’re taken, ’til long after the photos are delivered. It takes marketing, creating content, and having something to say to keep connecting with new clients. It takes being real about expenses, taxes, insurance, and contracts. It’s a lot more than snapping photos.

And while it’s taken me 3+ years on my own to figure out the systems and processes for all these things, I’m excited that I can continue to take on more customers and clients, while having an awesome team of photographers to support in the process.

I know that there’s a long, long, list of photographers that any customer can choose from. There are lots of choices out there from photographers breaking into the craft offering great prices, to life-long professionals, who all vying to win over business. I respect a shopper’s right to choose, and I am absolutely honored for when a customer chooses me. I’m even more flattered when they see me as their photographer for life- which is such an honor.

When someone chooses to connect with Felicia Marti Photography, I’m excited by what we have to offer: great communication and expertise, a beautiful and natural photography style that captures love stories in the way that they deserve to be told. And now, even more through more talent on board.

2018 is the year of expansion! To move from one second photographer on contract to an entire team of talented individuals, who will allow us to connect with more amazing couples in 2018, is pretty thrilling. It’s exciting to be growing. It’s exciting to fill my work vibe with more personality, experience, ideas, and inspiration. And it’s incredibly exciting to know that what will exist by the end of this year will be so much more than what it is right now, and in the best ways.

Felicia Marti Photography is one of the most talented, artistic, professional, caring, and personal photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the very first meeting, I knew that she would help make our wedding dreams come true.

Felicia was always in constant communication with my husband and I, whether that be through email, text, or by phone calls. She truly went above and beyond in getting to know us not just as clients but as individuals.

Every detail was perfect, and all of her photos and albums where beyond extraordinary! I thought I would only have a couple favorites, but the first go-through I had over 600 ones I loved…Thankfully, I didn’t have to choose because she provided us with all of our pictures.

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend meeting with Felicia, and hiring her as your photographer, whether that be for your engagement shoot, wedding, or any other photos you may need.

Stephanie & Jonah

June 7, 2017