I don’t even know where to begin to describe my love for these photos! Katie and I worked for over a month to pull off this photo project as an amazingly fun, thoughtful, and sexy surprise for her husband for their first anniversary. As we went from session to session I kept falling in love with some of these images the way you fall in love with a piece of art, or a song that you can’t stop playing. Some of these images remind me deeply of what originally attracted me to all the art I’ve pursued in my life! For me, I’m attracted to understanding people, and to learning who someone is, and to honoring the real, authentic human experience. You get that here.

It was not easy for me to narrow down which ones to share in this blog post. For over a month now I’ve been having an internal war over whether to post all color photos, or all black and white, and it suddenly occured to me this afternoon that it would best if I showed both equally, because my love for both is truly equal (and fierce at that).

Beauty is an interesting thing isn’t it? It’s my hope that you’ll give yourself slowly to studying the images in this blog. I hope they tell you stories, and inspire you! I hope it makes you appreciate yourself in some way because while Katie is absolutely one of the most beautiful people out there, for me in this collection she also represents the trueness in each of us that is our own beauty.

One more thing to note, this session is extra special for me to share because this was the last shoot Katie and I did together in Colorado before she and her husband moved back across the country. Colorado is an important piece in each of these photos, and I love the role it plays here.

So without further adieu: Katie + Colorado + Vintage Lingerie (from La Chic Vintage)
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