I began attending the Asana Studio in Golden in November 2011. I remember my first class I was terrified to go in and had a friend who dragged me with her. After class I ended up staying and talking to the yoga instructor for about an hour about all kinds of things in life. I left that evening knowing that I had discovered a practice that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

When I’m doing yoga, I often find my mind wandering to the beauty of the human body. I’ll look at the way the light comes in and strikes my arm when it’s raised, or my calf in that runners lunge; or the fearfully wonderful way the shadows of warriors fall across the room as we practice together. I am always taken away by this beauty! I wish my eyes were real cameras that could capture the beauty up close and personally. It’s a dream of mine to capture the beauty of yoga in photos.

What I’m here to share with you today are the photographs taken for the Asana Studio. They were taken for the ‘Baby and Me’ Yoga class taught by the most genuine and lovely Jennifer Brodbeck. Stunning and strong yoga mom’s with their  beaming breathtaking little yoga babies ranging from 5 weeks old to crawling (and boy do they move!!). On my list of 25 goals in 2015, I set out with yearly intentions to photograph amazing yogi’s, and I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect way for my first yoga photography experience!

Inside this class you’ll see a window into much more than an exercise class, or even a typical yoga class. You’ll see what the Asana Studio is known for which is it’s sense of community. These mom’s and their children are friends with each other, they take care of one another and they encourage each other in every sense of the word. Inside the class the children would explore, they found singing bowls to discover, they found comfort in their momma’s. As I watched each of the mom’s I saw a true sense of happiness, and maybe even relief in each of them to know they were in a comfortable safe place for one hour where nothing else was going on but just being their on the mat, and in the room with their little one. What an AWESOME class.

I hope you are as inspired and moved by these beautiful images. I don’t consider myself much of a photojournalistic photographer, but I do believe that these images bring for the beauty of what transpires in the yoga studio daily. Yoga Photography Colorado-13

Yoga Photography Colorado-18


Yoga Photography Colorado-16

Yoga Photography Colorado-5

Yoga Photography Colorado-4

Yoga Photography Colorado-15

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