“We’ve dreamed of this day since we were little girls, and now you’re married!” It’s such a surreal moment after the wedding ceremony when people come up and hug the bride. They look at each other in a new way because suddenly everything has changed. Nothing was different this gorgeous summer afternoon in Fort Collins as Shelby and Jeff tied the knot, and became officially husband and wife!

August is one of my favorite months to shoot weddings in because it really is the peak of summer. It’s always hot, sunny, and the colors are usually vibrant and beautiful. I’ve always been inspired by color. I couldn’t help but adore all the beautiful flowers that decorated the entire set up outside the Avery House for Shelby and Jeff. This DIY wedding was rustic, modest, and fun. The details were so welcoming as guests arrived through unexpected Fort Collins mayhem as the USA Pro Challenge was coming through town at the same time. Somehow I think it added even more adrenaline and excitement for this happy couple!

I haven’t been sharing sneak peeks of weddings via blog yet this summer, but I thought this would be a good one to share. It’s special because I booked this wedding through a friend of their family and I was the only photographer there this day. After having pushed myself so much this summer working with other photographers, and trying new things, it was a really amazing opportunity to go back to basics, rely completely on myself and own sensibilities and see what the result would be. I absolutely love how they turned out, and I’m so happy to share a glimpse of this beautiful Fort Collins wedding with you!

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