Meet the most beautiful couple: Lauren and Patrick. They found one another, fell in love, and planned a wedding and a marriage as they navigated a long distance relationship. When I first spoke with Lauren on the phone, I could hear it in her voice how much fun these two have together. Not only do they share so much love and heart, but they both relax into themselves when they are united with one another.

Their wedding was to be a lakeside wedding in Texas, which means it was my first wedding out of state! Destination wedding! I am so lucky because I had my wonderful and talented colleague Rachel come down and photograph the wedding with me. We flew into Dallas and began the journey over toward Longview, Texas. As we drove east the sprinkling started and suddenly we were in the middle of a big rain storm that had been flooding East Texas that weekend…. who could have predicted?

I’m not going to lie to you guys, when it starts to rain I still get nervous. I shouldn’t because I’ve photographed many many rainy weddings, and some of them have been my favorite ones ever (like this one)! I do believe rain on a wedding day is good luck, but this was something else. The grass was so squishy and wet the even when the rain had subsided our shoes still filled with water! We weren’t sure exactly what we were going to do, but we knew we had to somehow have a miracle come together and get some photos outside of this couple so they could remember this gorgeous area they were wed on!

We did the first look on the edge of a dock! The rain had been coming down pretty hard, but moments before it began to lighten which gave us the courage to go ahead and just stay under umbrellas. It was so romantic watching Lauren take her steps down the long dock towards the love of her life, her very soon to be husband. I swear it was as soon as they laid eyes on each other that the rain began to stop. It didn’t matter however because no amount of rain could dampen the spirits of these two beloveds.

Ultimately, it was perfect just the way it was. It was an absolutely beautiful and romantic wedding! Things just work out the way they’re supposed to…. From pops of red, a stunningly handmade bridal bouquet, twinkle lights, so much laughter, and a bridal party bride partying beneath a stormy sky…. all of these things came together of this rainy romantic wedding.

It’s my hope you love these photos and that you remember to keep going and keep your chins high. Things don’t always go the way you originally plan, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t silver lining there. These photos are some of my absolute favorite, and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s energy and love went into making this day a vision of romance and elegance.

Love you Patrick and Lauren, and sending you all my best!

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