Including Your Dog in Your Photos

We absolutely love our furry friends, and highly encourage bringing them along for sessions! After all, aren’t they a gigantic part of your family? Many couples love to incorporate their animals into their wedding plans, and since not all venues can’t accommodate dogs on site, engagement photos with your pups are such a wonderful way to incorporate them in your day! 

When asking couples if they want to bring their dogs along, I sometimes hear, “I don’t know ‘Rover’ is not very well behaved…” But the  photos that might make your heart explode aren’t necessarily the ones where your dog has to sit still and smile- it might be the one where you’re trying to tackle him to stay on your lap, or he’s giving you kisses, or pulling you down the trail. From silly to smiling, we just take it as it comes to capture these special family moments for you. 

Here are some of our favorite couples who brought their beloved companions along on their engagement sessions where we were able to capture loving and candid moments.  We usually start our sessions with the dogs so they can get some energy out after the car ride, and then they can take a little nap in the car while we finish the session! (Though some folks opt to bring a friend to help corral the dog so they can continue playing outside during your session.

We know that pets are considered companions and part of the family. After all they give you their unconditional love and add so much joy to your lives, so don’t shy away from bringing them along to your engagement session or as part of your wedding. We are always happy to work with you to brainstorm how we can make this happen and love ensuring that they are there to share in this special moment of your life. 

And if you’re able to, you can take some inspiration from our amazing couples who included their dogs in their wedding party!  They have added flare to their collars, dressed them up in ties, or decorated their harnesses to add to the fun of their inclusion. For all our pet lovers, these are for sure amongst the top of their favorite wedding photos!  

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