Here’s Skylar, quite possibly the world’s most beautiful one-year-old!  I’ve been photographing this little one since she was just a few months along in her Momma’s belly! Now her family lives in California, but lucky for me I was able to be a part of her first birthday celebration when they flew in to celebrate with Colorado family! Katie (her beautiful Mom) and I had been planning the vision of what we could do to make her vision of pink and gold to celebrate this little princess come to life.

She brought all these amazing little touches from the pink and gold tassel banner, to having the amazing ombre cake made, to the adorable baby party hat! All of it was just perfect and I have to say I LOVE how the photos turned out. One year olds are so much fun because each of them is so different, and their expressions are so authentic, innocent, and just incredible. I also love working with clients who have these ideas of what they want to accomplish and then let whatever’s meant to be manifest its way into creation. There’s definitely a lot that’s out of our control when it comes to one year old birthday shoots- and it’s so much fun taking the adventure to find out.

I hope you have so much fun looking at a peek into this amazing one year old photo session.Denver Photographer-3 Denver Photographer-4 Denver Photographer-5 Denver Photographer-6 Denver Photographer-7 Denver Photographer-8 Denver Photographer-9 Denver Photographer-10 Denver Photographer-11 Denver Photographer-12 Denver Photographer-13 Denver Photographer-14 Denver Photographer-15 Denver Photographer-16 Denver Photographer-17 Denver Photographer-18 Denver Photographer-19 Denver Photographer-20 Denver Photographer-21 Denver Photographer-22 Denver Photographer-23Denver Photographer-2