It’s mid-February and I am sitting at a tiny desk in my temporary home: waiting. I’m in a waiting area of my life, and man does it feel strange. Who hasn’t been here though, right? Aren’t we all waiting for that one thing (or many) to fall into place. I’ve become a bit of a stranger to myself; I’m eating crappy food, haven’t been to a yoga class since October, and my nails are in the worst shape they ever have been. And, that’s ok. I am okay with that because I know it’s only for now. A lot of things are coming together, and I have a lot to look forward to. Which leads me to my next point….

Up ’til this point I have shared much of the inner workings of my life, but in this changing moment I know I have a camaraderie of caring folks who support me and my photography business. You are my fans, and I wouldn’t have anything without this following, and I know I can be straight up with all of you. I also believe that sharing what’s going on, and what I am shooting for will only make me better. You have to have goals!

So here’s the first post of the year that’s going to help you align a little better with who I am, and for you to see what I want for my heart and my business! I have officially been Felicia Marti Photography, LLC for 4 months now. In those 4 months I’ve booked 5 weddings, and worked on over 20 different portrait shoots, launched this website, and submerged myself in the Denver photography community. I have shot up in the mountains, and in the heart of downtown; captured babies within days of their birth in this world, and captured families who only see each other once a year. It has truly been a dream.

Photography is SO special because it freezes certain moments in time. Often when I meet my clients there’s this hesitation before we begin the session because let’s face it, most people are not used to being photographed. Then we begin, and suddenly it’s not just a normal day anymore- this experience they’ve just had with each other, and with me, that has now been captured is frozen in their mind and in their hearts to cherish for the rest of their life. It’s absolutely true: what begins as just another day becomes so much more. How’s that for a tangent?

So for 2015 I’ve created 25 goals. A list to keep me inspired and to keep my head up. These strands of hope are now intentions! I share them with you, and close this letter to the Universe to help me manifest each and every one of them. I cannot wait to share these accomplishments with you as they unfold. Wish me luck!


25 goals for 2015!

1) Exceed ‘breaking even’ in my first year of business.

2) Photograph a wedding in each season of this year.

3) Order sample canvases and albums to show clients. (Check!)

4) Photograph on the beach.

5) Photograph amazing yogi and yogini’s practicing their amazing craft. 

6) Shoot in a private boudoir session with all natural light. 

7) Mentor and share what I’m learning with my friends and colleagues. (Check~ blog soon!)

8) Buy a new lens for my personal equipment. (Check!)

9) Organize a charity event using photography to raise money or food for those in need.

10) Create an organized and beautiful office for myself & clients.

11) Stand in water to get ‘the shot’. (Check!)

12) Be published in a magazine in the wedding industry.

13) Photograph a same-sex wedding & reception in Denver, CO. 

14) Take the post-photo session experience to the next level with my clients.

15) Second shoot a wedding for someone I’ve never worked with before. (Check!)

16) Book tickets & flights to WPPI next year.

17) Go on a fun vacation in a brand new place!

18) Buy a home of my own.

19) Photograph in a botanic garden.

20) Celebrate my 28th birthday doing something I’ve never done before.

21) Do a night photo session.

22) Capture a transformation.

23) Believe I can make this my life’s work.

24) Arrange a styled shoot and collaborate with my colleagues.

25) Celebrate 1 year in business by doing something remarkable!


Felicia Marti