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Mountain View Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings is one of our favorite Colorado wedding venues. Not only is their location absolutely picturesque in the beautiful Pine, Colorado, but we know from our couples that they make wedding planning as easy as possible so that couples can stay focused on what’s most important to them leading up to their wedding day. 

This was especially true for Matt and McKenna, two adventurous firefighters who also bought a home during their engagement that needed a complete renovation that they did themselves. While they were focused on building their home together, they also were dreaming of September 16th, 2019, their wedding day where they’d finally share vows, exchange rings, and spend the weekend celebrating and making memories with their beloved families and friends. 

This wedding day was tender, romantic, and full of beautiful vibrant colors, details, and moments. Their simple rustic touches added the perfect vibe to this Rocky Mountain wedding backdrop. You can see that their wedding was a photographers dream to capture.

When Matt and McKenna shared their first look, it was an unforgettable moment. While Matt waited at the end of the dock with his back turned, McKenna found her way walking up to her soon to be husband for the first time on their wedding day. 

What you don’t see pictured was the entirety of their friends and family on the side of the road here witnessing this moment. 

When she asked him to turn around, he smiled for a moment frozen before his emotions overcame him. He didn’t move a muscle but his face said it all. I’ll never forget her surprise at this moment, as she had mentioned earlier as she was getting ready that she didn’t think  he would cry. It was perfect- absolutely genuine, and couldn’t have been more special.

And another emotional moment when McKenna’s dad saw her for the first time.

When it was time for their wedding ceremony, their earlier blue skies had been replaced by an afternoon rain storm beginning to roll in. One of the very special touches to their day was hiring The Bassoon Quartet for all of their ceremony music. They were absolutely amazing, and it set such a unique and beautiful tone to their wedding. 

We are absolutely in love with how their formal photos turned out. From McKenna’s bridal portrait showing off her simple yet elegant dress that fit her perfectly and her colorful bridal bouquet, to their wedding party photos which were fun, playful, and shows off the lighter side to their personalities.    

Most of the formal photos with the wedding party were taken before the ceremony. This worked out perfectly because shortly after we finished family photos it began to pour rain. It was no problem for their wedding however because we got to sneak out later during the reception to capture a few more sweet moments with just the newlyweds as the storm had passed and the sun began to set.

Their reception was an absolute hit for these two and all of their guests. From the happy tears and heartfelt words that were shared during their toasts, to the laughter that was shared during the shoe game- we absolutely had a blast capturing the highlight events of their wedding reception. We also loved sneaking away at the end of the evening to capture this moment of Matt and McKenna by the fire outside. 

Next these two are excited to enjoy the home they’ve worked so hard after the last year to have complete, and hope to continue growing their family (they already have 2 adorable fur-babies).

We hope that by sharing real weddings that we can inspire those of your planning weddings and especially those considering this gorgeous venue at Mountain View Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings as your own wedding location. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us! All our consultations are absolutely free, and we collaborate to begin creating your preliminary wedding timeline right from the start so you know exactly what to expect!

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