My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is the amazing relationship I share with each of my clients. My phone seems to be always ringing and buzzing with a bride’s who want to touch base about wedding related topics (and not always photo related either!) We talk about everything from rehearsal dinner ideas, reception timelines, ceremony ideas, and of course all the little important details…. like wedding invitations.

That’s why today’s feature is all about wedding invitations, and suggestions to make the designing, communicating, and sending them out much easier. How you ask? First, I highly recommend using Basic Invite for all your stationery and invitation needs!


Because I love Basic Invite and what they’re able to do to make part of wedding planning stress-free and simple for my couples, I’m happy to partner with them to offer 20% off of any order + free shipping! <– SEE PROMO CODE

Basic Invite is an amazing online company, that will tie your vision together with amazing quality! Their website makes it easy to design custom invitations and see a live preview of every change you make. Seriously- you’ll see every tiny detail, and be walked through every step! And, they’ve thought of everything you haven’t like collecting your guests addresses, free envelop printing, and all at an affordable price. Sounds good right?

Wedding Invitations should but a fun part of the wedding process! Think of the excitement that came when we first heard what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding invitations looked like. We love it! That’s how your guests will feel when they receive something from you; it’s the first step in their participation in your big day!

Stay true to you and your style!

Whether your envisioning formal elegance, or something casual and fun, Basic Invite has a template for you to work with. They even have a ton of templates that include your PHOTOS (which as a photographer, you know I LOVE). 

Customize, Customize, Customize

I’m always reminding my clients- you are not like anyone else out there, and your vision is going to be uniquely yours! That’s another reason I recommend Basic Invite, because you can change every component of the template you’re working on! You can choose from an incredible variety of colors and fonts so that the template you chose becomes uniquely your own!

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is key to minimizing stress! Simplicity may mean using your favorite template for everything from Save the Dates, to Wedding Suites, Enclosure Cards, Wedding Programs, and Thank you Cards (Basic Invite offers matching sets!). Alternatively, simplicity could mean printing beautiful Wedding Invitations that guide guest to your wedding website (also offered for free from Basic Invite) to pick up all the wedding details!

A Partnership for Life

Wedding Invitations are what you’re thinking about now, but before you know it you’ll be thinking of Thank you Cards! After that, maybe a house warming party, or baby shower invitation! You can even send your Maid of Honor to Basic Invite for Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower invites! With so many wonderful events ahead of you, you’ll have a trusted resource that can grow with you in the future.

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so. Remember when it comes to all things wedding related, just be yourself and use those resources that help you keep your vision coming to life in the easiest way possible. Invest in the components that are worth your time and money. And most important…. ENJOY the process! 

In the meantime…. Wondering how your wedding invitations will tie into your wedding day? Below are real images of my clients who have included their wedding invitation suites for me to photograph with real wedding details!