All of my couples are special to me, but this engagement session is a stand-out in the way that these two laughed the entire way through. Two amazing companions. Two best friends. Two soon-to-be newlyweds wandering through gorgeous Colorado on this perfect afternoon.

Engagement sessions are my ultimate favorite. For many couples it’s the first time they’ve ever shared space in front of the camera together. So many couples only have selfies together, or the occasional photo together that someone else snaps of them. Those are totally different experiences then standing in front of (somewhat of) a stranger and being together. This is when I get so excited because this is where my specialty gets to come in. I get to be the person that takes what could be a really uncomfortable experience into the ultimate kick-off to a great date night.

When you think about it, you’ve scheduled the engagement session, you get an evening off together just the two of you. You’re getting ready for the session, you’ve pick out something you feel amazing wearing, you’re looking your best, and inevitably there are some butterflies in your stomach as you get to face the unknown. Then you get to take this awesome adventure together. You get to stand side by side with no outside distractions, there’s no cell-phones, no checking work emails, no worring about anything outside of just smiling and having fun together. Then you leave the session and you get to look forward to seeing the final result! Hopefully there’s a rush of doing something together that you didn’t know how it would be, and you feel really great afterward. You know the photos are going to be great, and you’re looking forward to having something really beautiful honoring the two of you coming back your way! Then you get to drive off having just spent some really great quality time together, laughing, having fun, and thinking out to the next big moment where they take a new official step together in their relationship together. The whole process is incredibly special. This is my hope anyway.

I think you’ll see it throughout this entire session just how much fun an engagement session can and should be. I am so excited to share a bigger peak into Claire and Jeremy’s engagement session. I must say too that I look back and realized my last post was over a month ago. It’s been such a busy and rewarding time, and I have been having some amazing photo adventures. I’ll catch up shortly and keep sharing all of the fun work via blogs. Make sure to keep up with me on Facebook & Instagram if you like to see all the sneak peeks of where I’ve been and the kind of work I’m up to. <3

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