Jacob & Connor | Boulder Same-Sex Engagement

Love. Sweet Love. Every time I look through these photos from Jacob and Connor’s stunning same-sex engagement session in Boulder, my heart just melts. These two are the kind of souls who belong together and reflect in one another. I’m sure you can see it in their photos. Not only do they compliment each other, but they make one another ridiculous happy.

I am incredibly proud of this Boulder engagement session because I was able to really push myself creatively. Jacob and Connor had a series of photos they had shared with me before the session, and I was able to gather inspiration from this. This is one reason you’ll see more black and white photos, and creamy beautiful filters in this blog post than I usually feature. There was something about the sensibility of how it photographed that lent itself to these beautiful filters. (Just for the record- each of them has a colored companion that the couple has too. That’s one of my rules on filters!) I personally love how they look all together. They tell a story! 

The last thing I’ll note is engagement sessions, especially when you’re out on a freezing winter afternoon, can be a bit of a challenge. For most couples, it’s the first time you’ve ever really taken photos (professionally) together. It’s nerve wracking enough to be in front of a camera, but the stakes are even higher when you want amazing photos captured with your love, you’ve never done it before, and it’s all in preparation of your upcoming wedding. You’ll see that these two handled it so well- they laughed their way through any awkwardness until I was able to just fade away into the background and just capture them celebrating their love together.

I hope you love these photos as much as I do. It was such a special session and day, and I love what I see between these two. When two people fall in love. it’s unique. What is shared is so special and deserves to be honored. Jacob and Connor especially have something incredibly valuable together, and I’m so excited for this fall to capture their amazing wedding day!

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