Nick and Nikki are two of the most fun, wonderful people you could meet. They love breweries, dogs, and laughter. When I first met them, I instantly fell for their charm and couldn’t wait to see if they’d choose me to be the photographer for their engagement and wedding later this year!

When I asked them how they first met, it was one of those stories that’s just a little too perfect- almost like something out of a movie. Here’s how Nikki tells it:

“It was a cool, crisp night in Loveland. A few girlfriends and I decided we were going to go out and enjoy it. I had a few errands to run before we went out so I thought this would be a great opportunity to break in the new heels I just bought!

I strut into the grocery store in my new heels thinking I am the bee’s knees. I walk in and make eye contact with the cashier and we locked eyes. My stomach felt like I was at the top of a roller coaster ready to be dropped. I smiled. He smiled back. I took my next steps into the store and little did I know that new heels do not mix well with freshly waxed linoleum floors. My foot slid and I knew I was doomed.

I started falling and hit the ground. Of course this couldn’t be a graceful or quiet fall. My face hit the fresh wax and slid several inches creating the most horrendous screeching sound. Imagine you are going 50mph and slam on your brakes –that was my face.

I pulled myself up, cheeks gleaming with embarrassment, and pray he did not catch my internet perfect fail. I look over slowly and he is dying laughing. I. Was. Mortified. I thought my clumsiness had sent him running. A few days later, he offered to take me to breakfast for laughing at my expense and the rest was history. I fell for him. Literally.”

Now more than 7 years later, they’re in love, engaged, and about to get married! We did their engagement session in March in Golden, Colorado at the Historic Park in downtown Golden. I love this location for it’s fun, rustic, has a gorgeous mountain backdrop, and is also super close by to one of the best breweries in Colorado: Golden City Brewery. We were able to go over and capture one of their favorite date night activities. I LOVE this part of the photo shoot and think it has a really cool authentic quality to it.

I hope you send a little love to this couple as you look over their awesome engagement session!

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