Meet Megan and Matthew: the beautiful couple in these Grand Lake engagement photos. Grand Lake is a charming Colorado mountain town which shores on the lake for which it’s named, Grand Lake. I’ve only been to Grand Lake once before Megan suggested we do their engagement photos here. It’s just a short ride away from Winter Park, where this couple will be married later this year! I couldn’t have thought of a better compliment to their winter vacation together than to do their engagement photos in the snow on the land where they will soon wed.

I am so excited about this engagement session in particular. This couple means a lot to me for a few reasons. One, I met Megan several years ago when she was right out of high-school. She was pursuing her love for photography and we were able to bond over that. Two, they were officially the first couple to book with me for 2015 and they were my first engagement shoot. The icing on the cake? These photos were actually taken on New Years Day, which for me sets the tone for an incredible an adventurous year! The biggest reason I love this couple is because Megan and Matthew are truly in love, and are such a great match for one another. You can tell that they aren’t just spouses, they are best friends. They were so playful and had so much fun just hanging out, and took every opportunity they could to just laugh with each other. I really love seeing that in the clients I work with.

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding. I also can’t wait to continue down this wonderful road of outdoor mountain shoots up in the mountains. If anyone wants to plan something up near Grand Lake (maybe even your own set of Grand Lake Engagement photos?), be sure to let me know! ~ Felicia


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