In October I was scrolling through my facebook after work, and I came across a stunning photo of Blake Lively pregnant. I was so struck by the gorgeous image, and it brought up a flood of thoughts and emotions about the amazing journey that pregnancy is. I was so inspired that I decided I want to create a three part maternity series documenting the different stages instead of the traditional last month of maternity. Luckily for me I had come in contact with this amazing woman, Katie, who is expecting her first child with her husband who’s currently deployed. I couldn’t think of a better family to collaborate with, and I was so glad she was on board for taking on the project with me.

Here are a few of the beautiful photos from this session. I can’t wait for part two, and to share a little about this little family!


Denver Maternity Portrait-3

Denver Maternity Portrait-1

Denver Maternity Portrait-5

Denver Maternity Portrait-7

Denver Maternity Portrait-4

Denver Maternity Portrait-6

Denver Maternity Portrait-8