March 21st, 2015 was the day that began the rest of the lives of this beautiful couple: Laura and Keegan. For me, this was the day that began the rest of my life as a working wedding photographer under my own business name. The first wedding as Felicia Marti Photography! And let me tell you, it was a truly incredible day. Because this wedding is so important to me, and because I am so attached to these beautiful photographs I have decided to break this wedding into several different blogs.

As I remember this wedding day, I remember wondering what a March wedding was going to bring us that day. Lucky for us we had the most beautiful Colorado weather you could ask for. It was 70 degrees, blue skies, and everything was sparkling just a bit more than usual in downtown Denver at the Oxford Hotel. We found Laura in a beautiful suit, in the usual bridal nerves that take over the moments before the dress gets put on. She was surrounded by the woman she loves most in her life, and it was amazing watching them work together to get everything ready to get Laura ready to see Keegan. Keegan was on the other side of the hotel, getting ready with his best friend and family. I love the photos of both of their mom’s interactions with them putting on their signature pieces of wedding wear on. These are some of the most tender and priceless moments from a wedding. I know how meaningful they are to the mother’s and their children who are now beginning becoming a family of their own on that day.

When it came time for Laura to come meet Keegan there was an inspired stirring energy floating through the air. We had Keegan waiting with his best man outside of the Oxford Hotel while Laura gathered with her family, and then walked with her sister hand-in-hand out to prepare to see Keegan. This was one of my favorite moments on of their wedding day as these two were together for the first time. Both were nothing but smiles and peace once they were together.

Together. That’s a word I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. What it truly means to be together with someone, and what togetherness can do to serve the human soul. These two are the epitome of what it’s like when two people belong together. They are just happier, and somehow better together.

Stay tuned for their ceremony and more beautiful photos from their beautiful downtown Denver Wedding!

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