It’s summer! I love it because the days last forever, and I think one of the reasons I feel especially happy by this is that my birthday sometimes falls on the longest day of the year. This year I wanted to do something really fun that I’d never done before to celebrate my birthday. While I was actually in L.A. for the day of my birthday, the week before I was able to spend a good part of the week in Moab, Utah. I camped! I actually camped. Don’t laugh. I am a Colorado native, and I may have gone on a few little pseudo camping trips with my folks once or twice when I was an awkward tween, but I really don’t count those.

For the first time in my life I slept in a tent, sat around a camp fire every night, learned to make camp food, and spent the day in the desert under the hot sun, exploring the absolutely magical land of Moab and the Canyon Lands. It was INCREDIBLE! 

Some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken in my life are here in this blog, taken on this trip. I’ve never seen sunsets like this before. I have never been so overcome by the gorgeous way the sun changes the way the world looks as I observe it from morning to night. I’ve also never seen so many little lizards, and one is here in these photos and it’s such a cutie! (Can you believe I’m saying that about a lizard?!)

The last thing of major importance are the globemallows. I first saw these gorgeous orange flowers as we pulled onto the road our campsite was on. I might have screamed aloud at how excited I was because there were these giant sections just covered in the prettiest orange flowers! I later learned in one of the educational videos at Arches National Park that they are also called Globemallows! Isn’t that wonderful?! So you’ll see so many of these beautiful orange globemallows here, and my only hope is that you love them half as much as I do!

I am so excited to claim this trip as the thing I’ve never done before to commemorate my 28th birthday. It’s significant for more reasons than I can begin to explain here, but really because of who I spent this time with and the way I stepped out of what I thought was my comfort zone into a life that I actually really loved and felt at home in. Enjoy these amazing photos from the heart of my time there.

P.S. I threw in a few personal ones just for fun too. 😉

Moab Landscape Photographs-2Moab Landscape Photographs-3 Moab Landscape Photographs-4 Moab Landscape Photographs-5Felicia Marti Photography-2 Moab Landscape Photographs-6 Moab Landscape Photographs-7 Moab Landscape Photographs-8FM145730

Here’s one Alex snapped of me when we were at Corona Arch.
Moab Landscape Photographs-9 Moab Landscape Photographs-10 Moab Landscape Photographs-11

Do you see why I love these globemallows so much? Moab Landscape Photographs-12 Moab Landscape Photographs-13 Moab Landscape Photographs-14Felicia Marti Photography-1 Dog’s are man’s best friend. This beautiful husky was the best (okay, second best!) companion during our adventure. Moab Landscape Photographs-15 Moab Landscape Photographs-16FM145366

I couldn’t leave out this photo of me and Alex. It’s one my favorites.
Moab Landscape Photographs-17 Moab Landscape Photographs-18 Moab Landscape Photographs-19 Moab Landscape Photographs-20

Beneath Corona Arch. Moab Landscape Photographs-21 Moab Landscape Photographs-22 Moab Landscape Photographs-23 Moab Landscape Photographs-24 Moab Landscape Photographs-25

This was the sunset from our very last night. Agh….. I melt. I just melt. Moab Landscape Photographs-26 Moab Landscape Photographs-27FM145536

Right on top of the world. We found this hike off a four wheeling trail that lead us to this amazing canyon. No one else was around for the 3 mile hike. It was one of my favorite moments!  Moab Landscape Photographs-28 Moab Landscape Photographs-29 Moab Landscape Photographs-30 Moab Landscape Photographs-31 Moab Landscape Photographs-32 Moab Landscape Photographs-33 Moab Landscape Photographs-34 Moab Landscape Photographs-35

More globemallows.We went back the last night just so I could take more photos! Moab Landscape Photographs-36 Moab Landscape Photographs-37 Moab Landscape Photographs-38 Moab Landscape Photographs-39

So that’s it for the Moab adventure. I would absolutely love to see what you think! Feel free to send me an email or private message. Also, if you are interested in getting any of these as prints, I’m more than happy to work out an arrangement. Thanks so much, as always!