Your senior year of high school is marked with as many ‘firsts’ as there are ‘lasts’. It is the year you know so much is changing, and as you look around you’re surrounded by others who are going through it too. It’s pretty much the last time in your life you have such a shared experience with those your own age and experience. I’ve photographed so many seniors in my past experience, working for a over three years at a Denver area portrait studio known for senior pictures, and I have seen so many amazing young men and women who have that special glow about them. So young and excited, and yet feeling so mature and trying on big shoes to fill as they move forward into the new direction of their life. It’s a wonderful and unique moment to capture.

In senior portrait sessions I like to take a wide variety of portraits. I want to capture the little nuances of each high school senior and especially photograph who they are right now. Let’s capture the REAL smile, the real laugh, the stare, the ‘lost in a moment’ moment, and everything else in between. I try to plan for the photographs that grandparents and parents are going to want for their wall, and the one that those seniors look at and see and feel, “Wow I look so cool in that shot!” or “That’s so me!”

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the amazing photos that were captured for beautiful Julia’s senior pictures. They were taken in Olde Town Arvada about 2 hours before sunset. Hope you enjoy!

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Denver Senior Pictures-15 Denver Senior Pictures-16 Denver Senior Pictures-17 Denver Senior Pictures-18 Denver Senior Pictures-19 Denver Senior Pictures-20 Denver Senior Pictures-21