Meet this darling, Marisa! She just turned one over the weekend, and we were able to celebrate her birthday with a very special 1 year portrait shoot. Her mom, Kalen, is an amazing baker- and has a special gift with cakes. We knew going into it that a smash cake would have to be part of the shoot. We designed her theme around pink and gold, and had fun piecing it all together.

As I do not have my own studio right now, we did the shoot at their home. We cleared out the dining room and hung pink curtains over the banister, then¬†lined it with a home-made banner made of circle card stock cut-outs in different shades of pink, gold, and white. Then we used a big piece of gold burlap for the floor, along with the natural hardwood, and other gold sheets changed out for variety. We also had pink and gold balloons which Marisa’s loved, but not quite as much as she loved playing with her adorable dog, Lola!

I am so happy to showcase these fun and adorable one year portraits. These little Christmas babies have it tough because we can’t always just run outside during the winter! In some ways though this kind of shoot is more fun. It was fun to watch her respond to different elements and showcase the things we were really excited about like her adorable white romper and headband. Also, it was special to do a little Christmas twist and have fun with the reds and the christmas lights!

When it came time to let her go for the cake Marisa was so cute. She was so graceful and dainty with it, it took a little encouraging! I cannot believe how much she’s grown since one year ago. Her personality is so sweet and special, and I cannot wait to continue to see who she becomes as she grows!

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