One year old! What could be more exciting than when your little one has survived their first year in infancy and now they are a tiny little one year old! I think of how much can change in a year, and how much does change. I’m always a little taken back by just HOW MUCH we change in the first year of our lives. This photo session was one this Mama and I planned for quite some time. We knew it would have to be close to his December birthday, but there was definite hesitation with it being an outdoor shoot in November. When I look back at these photos, I can hardly tell we were nearing winter because the sun was so warm and the day was just beautiful. We Coloradans are so lucky!

This shoot was very special for me because his parents did something I’ve never photographed before. It was the opening of his first birthday present- which were tons of books for this little book lover. I continue to look back at the photos from that part of our session and think- what an incredible idea and what a precious moment we captured. I look back at all the expressions and it actually makes me tear up just a little. Such a huge part of birthdays for our little ones isn’t even as much for the baby, as it is for the parents. 1 year into parenthood. 1 year into what it’s like to LOVE a child. My mom always told me you never truly understand love completely until you have a child of your own. I see that in the eyes of these two amazing parents! They both LOVE this little boy so much- and how can you not?! I love him! He’s so sweet, calm but spirited, curious and yet just genuinely happy! It was just such an absolute joy to work with this little family!

The smash cake of course is my second favorite part of this Denver one year old photography session! His Mama brought an absolutely amazing Mickey Mouse smash cake! He wore a too cute for words Mickey onesie, and all of us just ooed and awwed when he was in it exploring his cake! For many one year olds a smash cake is like a very foreign strange toy. It’s so fun to watch them go from, “Should I even pay attention to this?”, to “WHAT is this?!”.

I hope you love these photos from their session celebrating his very first birthday! I’m so excited to be able to finally share them.

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