Meet Ryan Goold. He is a truly gifted actor in the Denver metro area, and he happens to be one of my favorite people! He and I recently collaborated on a headshot portrait session, and I am so excited to share the results with you I can hardly wait.

Some people know that my background is originally in theatre, and when I first started photography it was doing headshots for all my actor friends. There’s something different about working with an actor when taking photos, because they tend to be a little more vulnerable in offering different kinds of moments. They are also looking for this variety because it helps showcase their versatility.

Ryan and I had been chatting for almost a year about what we would do when we finally arranged to do our photo session. When it came time for me to meet him in downtown Golden, he had a giant bag full of clothes and props, and the best smile on his face. We spent about an hour wandering around the city and not only getting some beautiful headshots, but Ryan was a perfect model for me to capture some uniquely magnificent photographs.

One thing I love about Ryan is his complete originality. I’ve never met him for coffee without his hair cut a new way, or without his favorite rosary around his neck. He’s not afraid to DO, or to BE. He’ll wear make-up on his face and flash rare smile with those burning eyes making all who look at him pause in his beauty and splendor. He catches you off guard, and yet makes you feel completely at home with him at the same time. Kind heart, intelligent mind, and a true knack for understanding the complexities of art and the spirituality of the universe, you will truly never meet a more sincere man.

I hope that these photos are more telling than the words I can muster to help you know my wonderful friend. I introduce these photos with a special affection. 1) Because it was so refreshing to do a headshot portrait session, and 2) because of the person who’s being revealed. Enjoy!

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