When Katie and Steve asked me about doing their engagement session at Garden of the Gods, I was immediately on board! I had never been there, and I love experiencing new places. I also knew that it would be the perfect compliment to their upcoming wedding photos we’ll be taking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Photographing in a new location is an all time favorite for me. My creative eye and mind lights on fire as I take in all the different scenes to capture and play with. You may think it would be good to research in advance and find out how other’s have photographed engagement sessions there, but I try to not influence myself beforehand. For me, it’s important to have a clear mind, and allow myself to be inspired in the moment from the most authentic place.

I really love how this openness manifested in Katie and Steve’s engagement session. The photography came naturally as these two playfully engaged one another and graciously allowed me to adjust and guide them as we went along. I especially loved the cute ‘awwwwwwww’ that Katie would give when I’d ask him to look at her, or to share a kiss. It made us all laugh, and allowed the two of them to continue to find that ease together.
When it comes to posing I enjoy aiming to capture as many different looks as possible. We must photograph a beautiful portrait of the couple close together looking into the camera, then as many candid moments walking hand in hand, laughing together, and as many silly moments as possible. The 3rd layer of posing are those natural poses of the couple together. I sometimes refer to these as the more romantic poses, whether very close up or far away, but always the mixture of something that feels natural and unposed yet feels perfectly documented.
I’m a sucker for using every location as a co-creator, allowing to emerge sometimes grandly as the backdrop, other times subtly as we focus on the couple coming together. After we explored trails on foot, we decided to take to a drive towards Balanced Rock; the perfect spot to end the evening. I continue to be in awe of how the beautiful blue mountains paint a backdrop beyond the red rocks.
I’m so grateful for Katie and Steve to trust me and my eye to capture this amazing moment in their lives. It was so much fun to see which photos were their favorites as we designed the signature book to be used at their wedding reception! I am so excited to share this engagement session, and I hope it inspires you in some shape or form.