It’s been a busy month! One month ago I was in Brussels, Belgium and now it’s the eve of Thanksgiving! Where does time go? I’ve been traveling with my love in Europe, shooting a lake side wedding inTexas, and now back home in Colorado trying to get organized! I have some really big changes for next year that I’m excited to preview soon, but I know it’s been awhile since I published a blog and I was really too excited to not share this beautiful engagement session from earlier this month.

One of the reasons I choose this session for this Thanksgiving Eve publication is because I am so very grateful that there is love in life. One of the reasons I love being a photographer is that I often get the pleasure of capturing love. Especially with engagements and weddings, it’s that very special moment in life that is exciting, romantic, and full of so much hope and potential. I am especially grateful for the love that I found in my life this year when I met Alex. He has changed my life in so many ways, and as we head into our future together it has brought a new meaning to being able to photograph engagements and weddings.

I am also so very grateful for my family, and this session is especially close to me because it features my beautiful cousin, Marianne, and the man she is bringing in to our family. We all love him, his contagious positive energy, and his ability to connect with anyone on any topic. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family, and I am so grateful that these two were able to come to Colorado to have their engagement photos taken for that one of a kind Colorado backdrop for the engagement pictures. You probably recognize them if you keep up with my blog because I had the pleasure of photographing Marianne and Moises this summer in photography session on Venice Beach, but this time Colorado was the perfect place between their home in Los Angeles and their wedding destination!


We decided to go up to Genesee Mountain to be in the middle of the woods, and stopped at the bridge looking over I-70 at the Continental Divide for the last hurrah of the session! This Colorado destination engagement session is just one of my favorites, full of romance, sun, and love. I hope you love looking at this beautiful session as much as I do! Thanks Moises and Marianne for the time you spent out here. Also, a super special shout out to my Aunt who accompanied us on this session who made us fall to the ground laughing many times. (I secretly wish she could come with me to every session!). Colorado Destination Engagement-001 Colorado Destination Engagement-002 Colorado Destination Engagement-003 Colorado Destination Engagement-004 Colorado Destination Engagement-005 Colorado Destination Engagement-006 Colorado Destination Engagement-007 Colorado Destination Engagement-008 Colorado Destination Engagement-010 Colorado Destination Engagement-011 Colorado Destination Engagement-012 Colorado Destination Engagement-013 Colorado Destination Engagement-014 Colorado Destination Engagement-015 Colorado Destination Engagement-016 Colorado Destination Engagement-017 Colorado Destination Engagement-018 Colorado Destination Engagement-019 Colorado Destination Engagement-020 Colorado Destination Engagement-021 Colorado Destination Engagement-022 Colorado Destination Engagement-023