This year has been about 2 things for me: Growth and Confidence. In 2016 I hit the ground running in 3 major areas of my life that I love…. and somewhat unfortunately they are all my work. 1) 2016 was my second year in business and my second wedding season. 2) My part-time ‘real person’ job became an amazing full-time opportunity which has grown me faster and provided me incredibly financial stability which I’ve craved for the entirety of my twenties. 3) I became a yoga teacher. I completed my 200 hour course through the winter and spring, and am now teaching! It’s been BUSY. 

15 weddings and over 50 photo sessions later, I am THRILLED to share my FAVORITES from 2016. I’ve got every season, colors galore, and so much love! Love of all kinds! 2016 brought so many gorgeous souls in front of my camera. It was so difficult to narrow it down to these, and even now I’ll warn you in advance- there are A LOT of photos that I am including. This isn’t a top 20, it’s the full BEST of collection.

You’ll notice how my eye has changed throughout the year, and even since I first started. You’ll see I love color just as much as I always have, even more than when I first began maybe. I also love my black and white photos- and I treasure them! I also love the sunsets, and the close ups, and anything with sparkly eyes. I love sparkles in general! And sun, and flowers, and kissing! And I love big beautiful settings like cascading mountains, or the stunning ocean, or just giant beautiful trees! I’ll try to keep my comments to a minimum so you can explore freely, but I hope you enjoy this round up collection.

Last but not least, I am very excited to share publicly that I’ve decided to focus solely on engagement and wedding photographer. While I love my little ones, my smash-cakes, and my beautiful families…. Engagements & Wedding Photography is my niche and has been for the entirety of my business, but I always loved my families so much I never wanted to say no. It’s not easy even now, the few I’ve already had to recommend to others has been heavy on my heart, but I know that it’s the right decision. Choosing to focus on what I am MOST passionate about and what is so intimately related to my degree will allow me to thrive more completely. After all this year has taught me, I can confidently say that this new direction is going to serve me and my clients best, and I am so excited to see what comes of it as 2017 arrives!

Thank you to EVERYONE of those reading, I am always insanely inspired by your affection and encouragement! And a special note to those pictured, my amazing 2016 clients…. Thank you for being so willing to open your hearts to me, to smile, to endure all kinds of weather and wind, to trust me and play with me, to share your true feelings and allow me to learn and grow, and most importantly for sharing some of the most precious and sensitive moments of your lives with me. Looking back I am so blown away and proud of what we’ve created together, and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being in my life this year. I treasure the moments I’ve spent with each of you.

So without further ado…. In chronological order, here are my most beloved photographs from 2016.

Last, here’s one of my favorite photos, a self-portrait I created in my favorite photography app, Enlight. After all me and coffee pretty much go hand in hand these days.