Happy New Year’s Eve! To be completely honest with you, this is one of my favorite day’s of the year. I’ve always been a ‘reflector’. I find deep joy in thinking back on how the pieces fall and seeing if I can snag glimmers of hope and understanding from these recollections. This year I am very excited because I finally did was I was terrified to do: I started my photography business! To be honest, going into this year I had no intention of starting my own business, but when God whispers to you (or gives you a good loving push), you do it!

I am excited to share with you my favorite images from this year. They’re a HUGE collection of shots that were hard to take, make me smile, capture a special moment, or just simply stand out to my heart when I review them. I’m super excited to share them with you and will try to recap several important highlights as the photos flow.

I want to thank all of the amazing people I’ve worked with this year. This includes my faithful and new clients alike, as well as my amazing friends, family, my partner, and of course my new camera as it has already treated me so well. (I know I’m silly, but you gotta give the gratitude where it’s due!) I want to send also a very special thanks to the three ladies who have been my photo confidants this year who I experienced so many wonderful moments both photographically and in life: Hannah Medoff (Izzi Photography), Erica Cavanaugh (Erica Cavanaugh Photography), and Bridget Dvorak (Bridget Marie Images).

And so it begins….

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-3

Here is the beautiful Shelly Blaise, an amazing woman and yoga teacher. We collaborated together on a yoga shoot, and it could not have been more fun or inspiring! Compass is one of my favorite poses, and Shelly has a huge open heart and her eyes toward the sky, this image truly fills my heart with joy!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-5

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-21

This is the face of the little man that makes me laugh every single day. He’s so much like his Mommy it kills me. I love him more than anything, and I even love his little drop to the ground and wait routine (hello 2!). Felicia Marti Photography 2014-4This is baby Emmett who decided to come a little bit earlier than expected, but he is still perfect as ever. I loved capturing him in the comfort of his home. Especially in his momma’s scarf that he’s wrapped in above.Felicia Marti Photography 2014-13This year I was asked to photograph a wedding ceremony several days after it became officially legal for same-sex couples in Colorado. This ceremony was between two woman who had been together for over a decade but said they would never have a ceremony unless it was legal. I have to admit I was holding back tears as they said their vows in front of their closest friends in the beautiful setting of Red Rocks Park.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-8

A brand new Corvette and a beautiful friend? Yes!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-10

Trash the dress session in Boulder, CO.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-7

The newest addition to the family tree. This is sweet Shelby.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-11Felicia Marti Photography 2014-12

Shooting at St. Mary’s Glacier with these bright eyed wonderful people!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-9More of the red-head. “Let it go, let it go…” (The cold never bothered him anyway?)

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-6Felicia Marti Photography 2014-17

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-14

Shooting in Old Town Arvada, with two of my most favorite people!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-19

My favorite place in the entire world: Prospect Park. Shooting this scene in the fall, and it was one of the best fall’s I’ve ever experienced, was perfect!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-20

Here’s another one from the shoot with Shelly Blais. She led us to one of the most beautiful locations for this shoot. We were climbing all over these rocks, and it felt amazing to be so connected to the earth! This woman is beautiful inside and out, and if you have a chance you should check her out and follow her on facebook!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-24

My obsession with flower shots continues…

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-23

This is one of my favorite families in the world. This little boy is as sweet and funny as can be. He is the perfect combination of his Dad and Mom. I can’t get enough of this photo.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-29

Here’s beautiful Katie who I am so happy to have met this year.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-65

Here is SUCH a fun photo! Meet Michael: my dearest and talented from who now lives in NYC. He was visiting me in town and said let’s do something different- so he let me paint his face based off this rune we pulled out of a bag. This photo is all about breaking through, which is what the rune symbolizes.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-26

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-28

Here is a beautiful shot from this ugly sweater photo session for Bridget and Natalee. We were at City Park which is such a fun location to shoot in. I love the light in this photo, and the two in it!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-32

One of my favorite sibling shots of all time. I feel like you can see right into who these amazing young children are.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-31

Rain is good luck on your wedding day they say! For these two it rained their entire ceremony! We were so lucky to snap some shots before hand at Elk Meadow Park in Evergreen. Beautiful!
Felicia Marti Photography 2014-49

Here’s Stephanie and Chris who I was so excited to do photos! It was right at their 3rd wedding anniversary, and these two are still so in love. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day- I just love the sunlight and everything else. Felicia Marti Photography 2014-56

Here is Lindsay and Allison, another favorite pair of siblings from this year. This is just has a perfect holiday feel!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-35

Here is one of my favorite shot’s from Vickie and Addison’s wedding reception! I love the energy in this moment!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-42 This is a photo I took in Central City when I went there for a photo excursion with one of my dearest friends and soulmates on this earth, Sean. He had me laughing, climbing these rickety stairs, and truly inspired.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-57

This family has one of the most amazing and triumphant stories. Not only are they good spirited, but they are fun and extremely loving. 5 is a meaningful number for them- so coming across this wall was just perfect. Here’s another from their session:

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-39

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-45

I had to include this photo of Denver which you can see perfectly from the summit of Genesee Mountain.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-50

I love this family who’s also new to Colorado! Love all this Christmas perfection around them.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-43Here is beautiful Solana, and below her sister Alexia. Two of my favorite little girls, and two of my favorite photos of them.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-44
Felicia Marti Photography 2014-40

Love Julia, love her guitar, love her sweet spirit!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-18

Erica and Matt were so excited for a real Colorado photoshoot, as they both come from Texas but love their new home here. This photo from their session with their beautiful dogs (who were both rescued), is just so sweet and fun.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-36

This is from the backyard from the Golden house I lived in for 3 years. That place will hold so many memories for me, but especially my roommate running out to tell me about this giant Buck that was lounging outside. Love this photo when he looked right at me! Felicia Marti Photography 2014-38Two months old and just nailing it outside in the freezing cold. We went fast, and she was such a trooper! Gotta capture those moments when they are so little!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-37

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-64

This photo was a vision in Steve’s mind that he asked me to try to create for them. I have to say it’s one of my favorite family photos ever.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-66
Felicia Marti Photography 2014-41This is my little cousin, and she’s holding a frame the baby picture of her mom held for many years at my grandmother’s house! Love using the old and blending it in with the new.

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-58Felicia Marti Photography 2014-59Outdoors in the beautiful Colorado. You just can’t get better!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-52Felicia Marti Photography 2014-60Felicia Marti Photography 2014-63

Some candid moments. The last one is one of my favorites from the session at St. Mary’s Glacier. Emily and Brooke were setting these kids up in harnesses so we could take their photos while climbing this amazing tree. I love stepping outside of the box in photo sessions and staying adventurous. Next time maybe I’ll climb the tree too!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-62

I shoot more in Boulder this year than I ever have! Here’s Erica looking flawless. Next up I have photos from a destination wedding I shot for this family from St. Louis. It was a truly unique and special ceremony, and the best part is one of my favorite officiants was their officiant. Check her out: Lin CresseyFelicia Marti Photography 2014-22Felicia Marti Photography 2014-46Felicia Marti Photography 2014-61

Here’s a smile that will make your day! Emmett turning 1 year old. He’s perfect! Loved collaborating on his Up, Up, and Away themed birthday shoot!

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-55

Felicia Marti Photography 2014-2Last here is one of my most favorite images. It was taken our first night in Walt Disney World while visiting my sister who was working their this year! I love the colors, and the smoke, the street packed with people, and the person who was standing next to me.

Thank you all for being a part of my year- whether through my camera, or keeping up with my work. I wish you the very best in this new year!