That’s one thing I’ve continued to learn this year. I’ve learned that no matter what comes at me while I have a camera in hand, that I can handle it. This year has been full of leading my clients into of moments, off trails, in and out of doorways, onto street corners, and more. Occasionally there is stress- gathering big families, combating the rain, lulling a newborn into a deep sleep. Most of the time there’s nothing but gushing excitement, love, and joy. No matter what though, it’s best to just breathe, stay happy, and let go of making something happen and instead make the best of what IS happening. That’s where the magic is.  That is my word to describe 2015: Magical.

It was so hard as I sorted through this year’s photos. There are so many stunning weddings and colorado portrait sessions to try to pick a small handful of favorites. Last year I had over 50 photos, this year I’ve narrowed it down to a solid 37! (It was supposed to be 25 but 12 sneaked in!!) Every sessions has meant something special to me, but these photos in particular tell a story beyond the story. In my eyes when I see these photos my heart stops a little. They are trademarked by my personal style and through my unique lens which is natural, authentic, colorful moments.

Beneath each of these photos is a little insight into why I love the photograph and why it’s included in this review of 2015! There’s lots of links to more of the complete weddings and photo sessions.

Denver Photographer-002

This photo was taken within minutes of Matthew and Megan tying the knot beneath giant rain clouds that had poured all over their wedding at Snow Mountain Ranch. The best part is it didn’t matter, these two were wrapped up in love and having fun on their very special wedding day.
Denver Photographer-003

A real ballerina! This beautiful shot was from a senior portrait session. We took so many photos, and tried to get as creative as we could to showcase the beauty of ballet which is such an important element of this young woman’s life.
Denver Photographer-004

What could be more magical than the most perfect summer evening on Lookout Mountain to capture the exciting arrival of a new (and first for this family) baby! I absolutely love this moment, it’s like being on top of the world just knowing life is about to change forever (in the best way)!
Denver Photographer-005

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.” John 15:4. This was the inspiration for this gorgeous tattoo designed by the amazing artist and woman photoed here. This tattoo is extremely significant to Erica, and to be able to capture it in such a beautiful session meant the world to me. Denver Photographer-006There’s nothing like a mother’s love for her child. This mother and son are such an amazing pair together. At 5 years old this child just had me melting with every smile and little facial expression he had. This photo of him loving on his momma is just so perfect and beautiful.
Denver Photographer-007

Another photo that’s incredibly important to me! I’ve never done a pregnancy announcement before but this one I’ve been wanting to capture for the many years that have been wanting to have their baby! Finally the day came, and the excitement and joy for this little bundle to come into the world was just pouring from both of them (and me too!). Can’t wait for the maternity and newborn shoot next year!

Denver Photographer-008

Photographing on the beach was one of my goals this year! Being able to photograph my cousin and the love of her life on Venice Beach, one of their favorite places in L.A. was super special! Denver Maternity and Newborn Photographer-025 This one speaks for itself! Kinsley was so calm and precious her whole newborn session. At just 7 days old she was still so sure of herself, knew exactly how she felt comfortable, and of course was the perfect model. It means so much to me when I get to photograph a maternity session and then photograph the newborn. It’s being a part of something so much bigger and important than myself and my world. It means everything to me!

Denver Photographer-010

I LOVE this photo! Every time I look at it I have to resist squealing or giggling outloud. Nothing was better than photographing my first same-sex downtown big wedding ceremony and reception. Carlo and Kevin were such a joy, the entire time me and my 2nd photographer were both hiding tear from behind our cameras. Words can’t express how I happy I am for these two. Here’s more of their beautiful Downtown Denver Coohills wedding.
Denver Photographer-011

Kate & Derek are the best. Simply, that’s really all there is to it. This photo of them at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is absolutely as epic as they are and represents the magic of their experience capturing their upcoming wedding nuptials by doing an engagement session at the Mythical Creatures exhibit that was in Denver over the summer. This shot in particular is just so unique and wonderful. I just love it!

Denver Photographer-012This photo of the final moment of Katrena and Ryan’s first dance is one of my favorites!  I love how close she is to the ground, I love that their first dance was sung by an amazing vocalist and friend of theirs, and I love that it was specially choreographed just for their wedding! Such a marvelous couple, a fun and gorgeous wedding, and a perfect day at The Pines at Genesee.Denver Photographer-013 Oh my goodness every time I see this little face I melt just a little! We did Reuben’s 1st year photos in his home early December, and the twinkle lights and his little overalls, and mostly just his sweet expression- this is one of my favorites!Denver Photographer-014 Brittney and Paul are one of my favorite couples ever! They invited me up to their intimate Marble, Colorado wedding ceremony and let me take them all over the trail photographing them. This one is one of my absolute favorites. Their amazing location, the beautiful fall colors, her perfect dress and their amazing love, all of it works together to create an unforgettable wedding photo! Denver Photographer-015 There’s something transparent about how giddy, nervous, and excited this stunning bride is just moments before getting her dress on for the big day. I loved everything about beautiful Lauren and being able to be in Texas photographing the moments of her wedding day!

Denver Photographer-034This is one of my favorite human’s on this planet! Rachel and I met just this year but I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. This was the first time we hung out as photographers, taking a little photo excursion at Stanley Lake. She photographed 2 weddings with me this year including the one we flew to Texas to be a part of. She’s been a huge part of 2015 for me, and this photo captures her beauty inside and out.
Denver Photographer-016This one is my tribute to my first time in Moab, Utah! I absolutely am in love with the desert, the clouds, and the sunsets. This one was on our last night there and it was a moment that Alex and I had gone off on our own to explore and take photos. I felt like God handed me the most perfect moment to be a part of and capture.
Denver Photographer-017 This little starlight was my first newborn session of 2015! Her name is Winter and she was the most content, perfect little newborn! I love this photo of her as she snuggles against her hands and sleeps peacefully amongst the stars and her oversized handmade hat. Denver Photographer-018You wouldn’t believe the kind of rain we were having just moments before this photo was taken. I’m SO grateful Patrick and Lauren were brave enough to get under umbrellas and do their first look on this lakeside dock. It was worth every moment of fear just to see them out there together having their first moment on their wedding day together under these perfect umbrellas- almost like knowing that if they have one another, no matter what they face, they will be ok!
Denver Photographer-019 I’ve been photographing Reese since she was still in her momma’s belly! We’ve been through 3 month, 1 year, 2 year, and now (almost) 3 year old photos! With her cute little bob, those eyes, and her sparkling and independent personality, she’s just one of my favorite parts of being a photographer! Denver Photographer-020Julie is a bright and beautiful young woman on the verge of heading to college. This photo of her from Red Rocks Park in Morrison is just one of the most beautiful photographs. I love her expression, her outfit, the blurry background, and everything it says about who she is and where she’s going.
Denver Photographer-021 What could be better than the laughter coming from this bride and groom as they listen to the bride’s father give a speech at their wedding reception! There were so many personal and unique stories shared at Kaela and Chris’s wedding, it was a true joy to be there to photograph it!Denver Photographer-022 When Marianne and Moises became engaged, they flew to Colorado to have a mountain top engagement session. This one is just so sweet and romantic as they have a moment all to themselves in the forest. I love how connected and in love these two are, and being able to photograph them during such an important moment in their lives. Denver Photographer-033 Sweet, sweet moment during this Baby and Me yoga class at Asana Studio in Arvada. I’ve been a yogi at the Asana studio since 2011 and then was given the opportunity to photograph their staff and especially to attend to photograph this beautiful Baby and Me yoga class. The entire class was filled with priceless moments, but this one is a total highlight. Denver Photographer-023Stunning Kate in a field full of flowers; all from an outdoor boudoir session in stunning Eldorado Springs, Colorado. She’s breathtaking and this image is one of my all time favorites. Denver Photographer-024What could be cuter than these two love birds who are tying the knot in 2016! Love this moment between Regina and Dustin at their Red Rocks engagement session.

Denver Photographer-025Photographers wait and wait for an absolutely perfect moment to arrive. This was one of those moments as this perfect little flower girl and ring bearer walked down this mountain aisle. Could you ask for anything more precious?! One of the best ever!
Denver Photographer-026 This one is straight from a pond in Brussels, Belgium. I’ve never seen a real-life swan, close up before this, but this big male swan (I assume that based on my research after!) let me creep right up toward the edge of the water. He came to me at a time in my life where I was thinking very deeply about transformation… kind of amazing don’t you think? Denver Photographer-027 Oh sweet heavens! Little Noah in the arms of his mom and dad, opening up his first birthday present! This one gets me everytime. I love that he’s looking right at me like he just wants me to know that he knows how very lucky he is. Or maybe it’s that he knows how lucky THEY are. Both are very true! Denver Photographer-028Being able to be a second shooter for my favorite photographer out there, Hannah Medoff, was a total highlight. We photographed together at The Barn at Raccoon Creek for this amazing rustic wedding. I love this shot with the red barn behind these newlyweds!
Denver Photographer-029 Connor and Jacob! Where do I begin with this one? Their Boulder engagement session inspired me and pushed me to continue to photograph beautiful candid moments of this very happy couple! I love this shot because the joy and love that they share just radiates between them and straight off the screen. Denver Photographer-032-2 This photo of 9 amazing yogi’s, all in a forward fold, all sharing their energy together. Oh I just absolutely love this shot. I climbed up on a latter to peer down over them, and everything about it just speaks peace, intentionality, personality, and so much more. So grateful to Asana Studio for collaborating with me.Denver Photographer-030 This one is a throw back from 2014, but the reason why it’s important is because of the photo that follows. Denver Photographer-031 One year ago I was photographing this beautiful Momma just into her 2nd trimester. She was here in Colorado waiting for her husband to return from his time deployed. Now here they are all together! That little growing baby is now a beautiful little girl with her Mommy and Daddy to hold her close and help her grow with so much love. You should see her newborn photos. It’s pretty amazing for me to see these two photos back to back. It’s amazing how life can change in a year.

Denver Photographer-032Dancing in the rain?! What an amazing skill in life. This 8 year old wasn’t scared off at all by the impeding storm. Her courage inspires me, and the stunning clouds behind her in this unique shot just fill me up with a strength of my own.

Denver Photographer-035What would the best of blog be without Shelby! Shelby’s my family’s dog, and she is the most hilarious original lazy perfect little Australian Shepard Mix. Here’s my all time favorite photo of her from this year! She is absolutely obsessed with drinking from the hose. It’s her favorite warm weather game. This photo makes me laugh and smile, and feel summer and happiness.

Denver Photographer-036Closing out my favorite photos is this photo of a man I spent a good portion of 2015 with. This is Alex, a guy I met at work at Apple. We travelled to Europe together and this photo was taken in a Berlin restaurant. After a plane, a bus, a subway, and a mile walk to drop off our luggage at a hostel we found this perfect little place that served my favorite breakfast in the world. We sat there and drank coffee, and he was okay with me taking out my camera to photograph in the beautiful morning light coming through the window.

Thank you so much for taking a peek through my lens of this year. It’s been full of such amazing people, moments, and I will remember it for the rest of my life as my very first full year in business. So much love coming back to each and every one of you.