It was COLD when we arrived at Lions Park at Clear Creek in Golden to take this beautiful family’s portraits. When I jumped out of the truck (my best friend had driven me because my Yaris doesn’t get around in the snow as well as I might hope) I was greeted by the warm smiling faces of Jeff and Becca who had arranged this session to capture Becca’s family while they were visiting from out of town. Even though it was below freezing, we were blessed with absolutely beautiful warm light. We also had the added benefit of a very organized photo planner (Becca), who knew exactly which subgrouping we needed to check off our list- and we were able to get through it quickly but still had a lot of fun! That’s my favorite part of photographing an extended family: the opportunity to get those portraits that are so important like mom and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren, individual families, as well as the entire family. We even were able to get a beautiful photograph of each of the woman’s wedding rings to capture the history of marriage in their family.

Now I have to include a little bit of my history with the amazing Becca and Jeff. I first met Becca while we were working for Starbucks. At the time she was just dating this man (Jeffery) she was head over heels for, who would stop in to share lunch breaks with her and bring her roses. When they became engaged they asked if I would be a part of photographing their wedding. We did engagement pictures, and yes I did their wedding photograph too. It was my 2 wedding EVER that I had photographed! I was nervous, but it went so well! How could it not with such a radiant and in love couple? I still look back on some of those photos as some of my favorites in the milestones of my career. Since then I actually worked for a few years with Jeff at a photography studio, and we’ve even photographed weddings together. His eye for photos is so beautiful and completely original. I am so blessed to have such an easy-going and beautiful couple as one of my returning clients, and as customers who have been such a huge part of me starting my own photography business. This is a huge shout out to them, and I am so excited to share the photos from their family session with you.

I think this family session shows the wonderment of family love. There’s something special that is seen in photographs of family together, and it’s amazing what you can see in the eyes of sisters, parents, and grandchildren. I hope these photos inspire you to get your family together to be beautiful captured in your own colorado family portraits. It’s so worth it.

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