It’s June. How?! How is it already halfway through 2015. I have to be honest, I’ve been feeling really anxious lately because there’s been so much going on over the past few months, and looking into the summer it’s only getting faster. June is actually my favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday month, maybe that’s why it’s always been special to me. However, I also love the long days. I love late summer night walks where the sun is still burning orange in the sky. I love the smell of grass, and the glow on everyones face from being out in the sun just a little too long. Ah, it makes me blissful just thinking about it.

This summer is unlike any that I’ve experienced. It’s my first summer not working for a different portrait studio. Which means it’s my slowest summer yet! I’m used to photographing 80 seniors, 25-30 weddings, and many families…. And now, I have a handful of sessions booked with amazing people, but I’m kind of still waiting for more people to hear about me and my work. (Having said that, if you or anyone you know is looking for a portrait or wedding photographer- please send them my way!)

I do have a few important updates to announce.

1) Flight booked to Belgium/Germany for this October! That’s right, I did it! With all of the amazing words of encouragement and resources I found, I am going to be able to fly out to Europe and have an amazing photo experience out there. Alex (my boyfriend) and I will be in Brussels, and Berlin, and who knows where else the road will take us.

2) Birthday in Los Angeles! The traveling continues with a quick trip to L.A. to visit my beautiful west coast family. I will be bringing the camera, and hopefully will have some fun and amazing experiences to share. (As a side note- I wanted to spend my 28th birthday doing somethingI’ve never done before, and I’ve never taken a trip for/during my birthday, so this will be GREAT!)

3) Moab! That’s right. Camping adventure. It’s happening. Going somewhere I’ve never been, doing something I’ve never really done, with people I’ve never done it with! Totally new, and is absolutely going to keep pushing me to keep adventuring through this life!

That’s right, three adventures already on the books! Now that doesn’t even include the 5 weddings I will be capturing this summer/fall in some of the most incredible spots in Colorado. We’re talking Grandby, Crested Butte, Genesee, the heart of downtown Denver, and Lyons! I am so lucky, and I am thrilled for what’s ahead.

The last big thing I wanted to present has to do with the Felicia Marti Photography post-photo session experience. What happens AFTER the photos are taken? Well, I have an amazing online viewing service where all of the edited photos are uploaded onto and from there you can view them all, share them with family and friends, order prints, canvases, or even download the digital images!

This is an awesome service because you can not have to stress about getting those prints for extended family, and you can order on your own time. The photos are shipped straight to your house in cute little packaging, and the quality is INCREDIBLE.

Experience the Felicia Marti Photography online viewing now

Felicia Marti Photography Image-8

I wanted a way for all of you to SEE what it would be like, so I threw some of my favorite nature photos up into a gallery for anyone to preview. AND, if you happen to fall in love with any of the images and want to order some for your own personal use- you can check out just the way you would as a client. Take 75% off my normal portrait pricing with the code: JUNE at checkout.

Thank you all as usual for your amazing support and interest of my business. I am so blessed to be working as a photographer, and I am SO excited for everything to come! Can’t wait to see what you think of my stills.