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About Felicia & Dave

You never know where life will take you, right? When Felicia started Felicia Marti Photography in 2014, she had no idea that she would later meet the love of her life, David Wood, who would eventually be inspired to become a wedding videographer. Nor did she think that years later they would be working side by side, creating an invaluable experience for their clients by being able to best capture the story of their entire day through photo and video. 

Both Felicia and David are go getters, passionate, but also like having fun. They actually met at work when they both were doing retail sales for a global corporation. Now being fully self employed is so worth it because they get to do what they actually love and connect with their customers who often become close friends. 

When you work with Felicia Marti Photography, you’ll be working with both Felicia and David to make sure you’re set up for success with your package. We also have created an amazing collation of talented wedding photographers and videographers on our team,  who you may be part of your wedding team. We’ll cover all of this during booking and make sure you feel a strong connection with your leads. 

The BEST photographer!! Attentive, precise, attention to detail, friendly,you name it!!! Felicia fills you with confidence that the pictures will be AMAZING!!!! (And they are!)

Lee & Deb

Felicia and Dave are both incredible people and do a great job putting everyone at ease while also keeping things running smoothly. Their photography and video are beautiful- a few of my bridesmaids were even a bit jealous that they hadn’t hired them to shoot their weddings. Felicia makes sure that the couple is comfortable with all decisions that are made and really values the clear communication that sets her service apart. We discussed complicated family situations, what we were looking forward to most, and what we were nervous about and she helped with all of those things on the day. She is an awesome bride’s advocate

Renee & Kyle

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About Felicia

I never thought I would grow up to be a woman who runs her own business, but somehow life kept pushing me towards this chapter. When I first started wedding photography, I had the honor of training under amazing and experienced professionals. As time went on I became more passionate about the little things- the ways I felt couples deserved to be treated on their wedding day, the things they should be able to expect out of their photographer- specifically the amount of planning that could be done beforehand. So I took the leap and started my own business.  

I get very excited about weddings because of all the moving parts on a wedding day, and because each wedding is totally different and unique! It appeals to my love of novelty, individuality, and maybe a touch of drama (I have a degree in theater). I love working with people who may have that type-a or worrier in them, those who love to laugh, and anyone who has a big heart. I’ll probably tear up when you share your proposal story, what you love about each other, and anytime we talk about walking down the aisle.  

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with our sweet dog Brad Stevens. He’s a labradoodle and he’s named after the Boston Celtics head coach- so you can tell I’m also a huge NBA fan. I love to get lost in a good book or tv show, am shamelessly addicted to podcasts. In 2020 I launched my online yoga and meditation business called A Bit From Within.

About Dave

Hey! I’m Dave, the lead videographer here! My journey in making wedding films is a bit unique. I have a passion for craftsmanship, story telling, and quality.

A few years back Felicia and I were scouting out bridal shows to see if this was something we wanted to do. We went undercover as an engaged couple to get a feel for what these bridal shows were all about. Felicia’s not really an extrovert so I wanted to make sure she’d feel comfortable in a setting like that, and we wanted to know if it felt valuable. 

We actually had a great experience and made a bunch of friends along the way! We decided we wanted to get a booth but knew it needed to stand out. I went to work building a photo wall for us and before we knew it we were at our first expo. We kept getting asked if we offered video as well as photography! Which got me thinking… should I try my hand at video? Felicia handed me a camera and showed me the basics, and I fell in love with the process.

I really enjoy capturing arguably the biggest moments of our clients lives. I get goosebumps every time I think about our couples watching their film back 10, 15, and 20 years from now being able to relive their wedding. That’s what drives me to tell each love story to the best of my ability.

Outside of making wedding films, I love traveling, coffee, basketball, reading, listening to podcast (love anything to do with history), and hanging out with Felicia & Brad Stevens (our dog).

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