There’s a lot to consider when hiring your wedding photographer! I’ve broken it down to four unique factors you must consider before booking your wedding photographer: Price, Collaboration, Trends, and Prints Products! Hopefully these will get the ball rolling as you discover what’s most important to you for your wedding photography! 

PRICE | You get what you pay for, and sometimes you don’t.

Whether you’re searching for a deal, or ‘splurging’ on wedding photography, keep this is mind as you search for a wedding photographer: just because someone is cheap doesn’t mean they’re not talented, and just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they’re going to nail it. A photographer’s price is a reflection of what they believe they’re worth charging, and their interpretation of the value of their service. Do your research!

It’s best when you choose your wedding photographer, first and foremost, based on your connection with them. This relationship has SO much value because you’ll spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day! Also account for their past experience shooting weddings, and how consistent their images are from start to finish! Remember, a photographer’s ability to think on their feet, deal with a variety of family dynamics, and shoot in low lit or difficult reception halls are important considerations, as these are things you can’t request from them the way you can request specific poses.

Don’t be shy to ask your wedding photographer why they price the way they do. Hopefully you’ll hear about what they bring to the table that will prove to be invaluable on your wedding day!

COLLABORATION  | It’s essential to partner with your photographer on the timeline of the day.

Have you ever had anyone say, ‘the wedding day goes by so fast!’? Trust them, it does! When interviewing your wedding photographer, get a good idea of how they usually structure the time on the wedding day.

Kind of like buying a car, if you want to leave the car lot with something to take you through the mountains all winter long with all your adventure gear on board, then buying a compact car would be a mistake. This is like hiring a wedding photographer who will require you to spend 2 hours after the wedding ceremony taking photos, when your biggest priority is enjoying cocktail hour with your guests.

A good wedding photographer will listen to your biggest day-of priorities, and recommend a timeline that flows with your must-haves and must-nots. They’ll let you know what’s required to make it happen. Ultimately you should feel super confident with how it’s laid out, and if you don’t from the beginning, then that’s a red-flag to keep looking for someone who can work better with you.

TRENDS | Consider how you’ll want to view your wedding fifteen years from now.

Just because you’re in love with one style of photo right now, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same fifteen years from now. Trends don’t last forever.

When you fall in love with someone’s Instagram feed because they post gorgeous romantic photos with all this sun coming through the lens, and it has these deep, creamy filters that are make you melt inside, remember that’s one photograph and not an entire wedding.

Some photographer’s are shooting engagements and weddings with their right-now Instagram in mind, but your photographs are yours forever.

In wedding photography, I love quality of trueness and aim to take photos that look like you’re re-seeing it with your own eyes. Sometimes filters and dramatic effects are just stunning on images but I give the color and filtered version to try to blend the best of right now with keeping the future in mind. Check out the example below to see what you think of the colored version verses the filtered photo.

PRINTS AND PRODUCTS | A photo you can hold in your hand, can be past on to future generations. 

In today’s digital world, the most important thing couple’s are looking for from their wedding are all their digital images. I understand that, which is why I offer that in every single wedding package.

Prints on the other hand, are usually an after thought. Most couple’s mean to print them out after the wedding, believing they’ll have options since they have the digital versions. The thing I’ve learned in my experience, is many couples forget or put it off until 5 years pass and it feels like the time to do it as passed by. Ask your wedding photographer if they can include print or album options in your wedding package. It will be highly worth it! If you must wait, ask your photographer if it’s possible to order professional prints through them later. Photographers often to extra retouching to ordered images, because they know they’re your favorites and they’ll be on display. You may even be able to get a few fly-aways, or little tweaks fixed when you request to have it specially ordered. Trust me, you’ll be in love! Professional prints have better quality, more vibrant color, and they last much longer.  

The investment you make into photographs you’ll see every day or be able to share in person as opposed to a screen are SO worth it! It scares me that all these beautiful wedding images are all sitting on disks or servers somewhere. Computers crash, hard-drives get old, technology changes and sometimes faster than you. You must have your FAVORITE image hanging in the room you’re in most and let it bring a smile to your face every damn day!

I hope I’ve brought up a few points you hadn’t seen in your prior research, and that will become super helpful as you start your search of finding the perfect wedding photographer. Be sure to ask all your questions, and whatever you do just follow your heart!