Hello everyone! It’s me, Felicia.

It’s been a little while since you’ve heard from me personally, and I have something important I want to share with you. It’s time to get real with one another.

I survived my first year in business. I exceeded anything I thought I could accomplish when I went into this year. I never thought I would have booked 10 weddings in my first year, and I did. I never thought I would have been in a bridal show, and I was- in the Denver Life Wedding’s bridal show at the Cable Center. I never thought I would have taken out money to afford my amazing camera and not only did I pay it off this year, but I was also able to afford my next dream lens. I can’t believe it. I photographed everything I love: weddings, babies, seniors, families, the desert, Europe, and more! It was amazing! I am endlessly grateful for all the things little and big I accomplished.

But not everything went exactly how I wanted it to, and now it’s time to talk about those things too, and the changes that inevitably will follow because of the things I learned.

Everyone says, ‘charge what you’re worth!’ They say it like it should be easy, like I should just have a number in my head that I want and be able to go after it. The thing is, when you love something so much, the way I love making people happy with photos, it’s not easy. It doesn’t even FEEL like a job while I’m doing it. Which is great! Except as I look into the future and realize, I won’t be able to start a family on this income. I did great this year, but I only actually paid myself a handful of times.

[Edit: I’ve removed a long rant of the things that set me a part from the thousands of other people out there who have cameras and call themselves photographers, but you don’t really need to hear that part. If you want to know though, you should ask me- I have a lot to say on the subject.]

I am not like every other photographer out there. I am a true professional. I have liability insurance. I bought my own camera and equipment. I follow my own processes that reflect my authenticity and my passion for photographing people. I have years of experience, and I’m still committed to growing!

Being a photographer isn’t about putting a camera on auto and kindly making people smile. It’s about making sure you look flattering, and knowing what to do with those hands. It’s me knowing where to place you so that backgrounds are interesting and beautiful, and working with whatever kind of light and weather that’s being given to us by the world that day. It’s about choosing the lens for the look you need, the one you hired me for! Being a photographer means coming home after a session and backing up your photos so that if anything happens that we are both protected. It’s about posting a sneak peek right away because I want you to be as excited as I am. It’s about getting your photos back to you quickly! It’s about checking to see if you’ve favorited any photos in your gallery about 5 times a day because I want to see what you love, and know what you love. It’s about hoping you actually post them on facebook, and especially that you include my name on your photos when you post them on Facebook because the photos mean as much to me. And I do this every. single. time. I work hard for you! Why? Because I really love you, and I really love what I do.

Because of this… I have to start valuing what I’m bringing to my clients. If I could do every single session for free, I would. But I can’t, and also, that’s just silly. So, I’ve decided, come 2016, there will be no more discounts. I may host a few days where I’ll do cheaper sessions to raise money for a special cause, but I’m not going to charge less because I am worried I won’t be able to work with you.

I’m going to try with every fiber of my being to not cringe when someone flinches after they hear what I charge. I’m going to smile when people say ‘I have a friend who could take photos for half as much’, and I will know that what they would be getting from me would be worth every penny- and it’s okay to let them go. It’s going to be ok.

I’ve redesigned my packages, and what they each include- and I know you’ll be really happy. All of my pricing will be on request and will no longer be posted on my website.

I want you all to know, I am so grateful to every single person who has been a part of my 2015. It’s been the biggest most meaningful year to me. For those who I won’t be working with in the future, I just want you to know I’m so grateful for the time we’ve spent together, and for those who I will be collaborating with in the future- I am so excited for everything we’ll be able to create together. I can’t wait to have my work in your hearts and your homes.

Thank you,


P.S. No blog would be complete without photos, so here’s a few of my recent favorites.

Felicia Marti Photography-002

This one is from Brussels, Belgium when Alex and I went abroad. There will a blog soon full of TONS of our photos!

Felicia Marti Photography-008

Here’s one of my favorites from an engagement session with Regina and Dustin. They’re beautiful daughter is just break-taking!

Felicia Marti Photography-003

One of my favorite’s of the detail shots from Lauren and Patrick’s wedding in Texas! Those red shoes…. that veil!

Felicia Marti Photography-004

A behind the scenes photos that my friend and fellow photographer, Rachel, (owner of Audette Family Photography) took of me.

Felicia Marti Photography-001

Just love this little one so much! Both he and his brother can pose like models.

Felicia Marti Photography-005

Another cutie who’s parents just love him so much! The session was simply amazing.

Felicia Marti Photography-010

A sneak peek at my engagement session with Jacob and Connor. They let me really push myself creativity during their session and the photos turned out magical.

Felicia Marti Photography-009

I love these photos from this little one and his birthday balloons. This section of his session still makes me giggle out loud from when he was hiding behind them and peeking back out.

Felicia Marti Photography-006

Last but not least, this one is from Thanksgiving! We set up a tripod to get a family shot, but then I made Alex take one with just me. I love this photo, and I love this man. I just have to thank God every day that He put Alex in my life. 🙂