felicia Marti

‘A photographer who’s not just AT your day, but IN your day.’

I am not your typical human being. Yes, I’m unashamedly addicted to Pinterest, coffee, sunshine, and breakfast- my favorite meal of the day- just like most women out there. I also love my iPhone and love capturing my life with it in my hands. I love my family, loved growing up in Colorado, and I love traveling wherever whenever I can.

What makes me different is my capacity to love and understand others!

I began my photography career in 2007 while I was in college pursuing my BFA in Theatre Directing. I loved theatre because I could see and understand an actor and find all the ways to unlock a new story within them. Now I use photography as my medium to unlock others, and bring out their stories in them.

When I’m not running my photography business, you can find me practicing or teaching yoga, painting with bold colors, getting lost in books stores, or exploring new beautiful locations.


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wedding photography

It’s my belief, experience creates memories and memories are sealed with images. This is why it is essential to have a Wedding Photographer who is a true professional, who makes working together authentic and relaxing, and who effortlessly understands who you are.

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Compatibility is key to sucess in a relationship

A special relationship forms between a couple and their photographer. It often begins right where you are, falling in love with the images here, relating to the amazing real individuals, and craving to be captured in this way.

That’s why it is important that my passion, vision, and values align with yours. When this happens, so does Magic.


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